To those who actually read these blogs, I am sorry it took so long for the next entry. Aside from creating comic books, I also work in the education field under Social Services, and I am a happy family man, with a 4-year old son, and a soon-to-be-1-year old daughter. So I’m bombarded daily from every possible front, and it has been difficult finding the right time to post here. Slowly but surely, as I find my footing, I’ll become more thorough with the blog posts.

Anyway, on to the Biker Mice From Mars! Biker Mice was a very cool comic book, toy-line, and animated TV show of the early 90’s centered around a trio of anthropomorphic mouse bros, Throttle, Mondo, and Vinnie, who were able to escape a hostile alien threat on Mars, only to crash land on earth and be hunted down by that exact same alien threat. Sounds like fun, right? Welcome to the 90s!

I had fun reading the comic book and I vaguely remember the cartoon as a kid. I was more of a terrapin lover. However, the concept is fun as heck, and the reboot potential is insane. I know Disney is sitting on the streaming rights– who knows why? Is it most likely waiting on the right suitor to purchase the streaming or licensing rights off of them for the animated show? Who knows? There was a semi-revival of Biker Mice From Mars in 2006, with one new animated season being made, but nothing concrete materialized after that. Fast-forward to 2022, and with TMNT’s Saturday-Morning Cartoon seeing a 4-issue limited series from IDW releasing next month, does this mean we can see the return of other popular anthropomorphic titles from the 90’s making a comeback in comic book form?

As a creator to his own anthropomorphic work in GALACTIC RODENTS of MAYHEM, and someone who knows his way around a comic book, it didn’t take me long to boldly reach out to Rich Ungar, creator of Biker Mice, to inquire about the comic book rights. I’d love the opportunity to write a story set in the Biker Mice From Mars universe. Though nothing is official at the moment, there are talks of the Biker Mice From Mars property re-entering the realm of comic books. As a fan, and a creator, I do hope something does pan out as I’d love to get more of Throttle, Mondo, and Vinnie hijinks against the Plutarkian threat or something far more sinister. Time will tell if this will be an actual thing or remain another much-desired dream. I of course am hoping for the former!