I’ve been crowdfunding comics for almost a decade. In that time, all my self-published projects were horror-centric, with one being a gritty revenge western. So when it was time to create a new story, I wanted to dabble in something way more fun. I was thinking of something along the lines of TMNT and STAR WARS, and totally anthropomorphic, but had no way of knowing that it would evolve into a comic book love letter to our 80s/90s childhood, encompassing everything from comics, videogames, and even anime!

I teamed up with Sebastian Navas on this one. We had just come off wrapping up LAIR, and we liked the idea of switching up gears a bit with GROM. When it was time to figure out the animal to headline our series, Sebastian suggested capybaras. I was like ” a capy-what?” He said, “there the most chill animal in the entire animal kingdom. They even get along with crocodiles.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The largest rodent in the world hanging with dangerous crocodiles? I did a Google search and low and behold the rest was history.

This photo isn’t photoshopped!

Sebastian said. “we can call it Rodents of Mayhem.” I instinctively rattled back – “GALACTIC RODENTS of MAYHEM!”

And thus, our unapologetically rad space capybaras were born!

So if you still haven’t checked out GROM, what are you waiting for????

GROM pains in the ass promo.PNG
grom turtle ninja teaser.PNG
GROM Panel standoff.PNG
GROM is almost complete.PNG
There are comic books, and then there are GROMIC BOOKS!