Gilly’s ESCAPE COMICS will be featuring a brand new superhero comic book universe centered around a powerful cast of wholly-unique and original characters. Inspired by the “Big-Two” of comics in almost every way, we will be developing a steadfast brand of interconnected, pro-quality superhero stories, that will be made possible solely through the “crowdfunding” communities. Where we differ, is that in building this altruistic legacy from the ground-up, we will focus on the development and evolution of our storied characters as they deal with the ever-growing and surrounding circumstances that continually pushes our protagonists to be heroes. It will be one massively-connected superhero universe where our caped pundits look to thrive and strive in the faces of evil. We will know only growth, and not subject our superhero franchises and licenses to habitual “reboots” or “retellings” of any kind. We will forge a new destiny. We will embrace the ESCAPE.

ESCAPE COMICS will debut its first wave of comic book pre-orders in 2024 with the debut of its flagship superhero title: WHITE LION: The Divine Fists!