“GILLY’S COMICS,” here. We are a crowdfunded label, focused on developing mind-blowing content for mainstream & indie fans alike. We are the underdog story when it comes to being a comic book creator. Not knowing how to break into the industry, we lean on the passion for storytelling to crowdfund successful projects such as: UNDER THE FLESH, LAIR, PISTOLERA, THE DEEP DARK, and GALACTIC RODENTS of MAYHEM!

The company was founded by Gilbert Deltrez, an edgy, underground Christian writer, who crafts compelling and beautifully created comic book narratives. In his free time, he loves being with his wife Kristin, his two kids, Zai and Elyssa, his dog Apollo and cat Wesker. When he’s not crowdfunding kickass comics, he loves playing video games, watching eclectic films/TV shows, indulging in anime, and building his TMNT toy collection. 

Our Mission:

Creating comic books is a very complex and meticulous process involving multiple skill sets. In full transparency, our mission is to develop creative content that entertains a multitude of fans and ushers in a new era of comics. Our local outlet truly appreciates your support more than you can ever imagine.


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